Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Blame Game

As all is one (meaning completely relativistic) “things” are illusions. This also means agents are an illusion and that all action originates from the whole. Yet, we firmly hold on to the illusion that we ourselves are things, agents from which action originates. If we did not, how could we ever hand out blame?
Once you truly realize who you are, you will see that what you do is what is happening to you and what is happening to you is what you do and that blame has no meaning; that the flow of action and change is perfect, that it is the universe being of itself so.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stop Thinging!

As all is one, cutting it up in things is only needed for verbal or written communication. A thing is a “think” or a thought. In creating a thing in that way, we detach it from the whole, invalidating both the thing and the whole it is separated from.
In science, of course, this allows us to model behavior of the thing and communicate these properties. This lures us to see a thing as a unit of reality.
We live in a society that has forgotten that the only true atom is the whole universe, that a thing is only a thought, a reduction or symbol of what really is. We truly believe reality is all these reduced and incomplete thoughts put back together.
And so, in believing that reality is the collection of all things, it is no wonder we see our selves just as poor lonely things.
- Peter Friebel

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Frosty Eye

I flow with the great force in eternal now
Knowing me to be all of me, all of you all and all
Yet, during my last few blinks
I saw a blur of deep despair
All things normally resonate
With all the which than which there is no whicher
But the noise wanted it not
And although this noise can not be sustained
Never be what it wills
Never become not me and all
It contains all the love and all the evil of the whole
Which knows only not two
In missing this it despairs and only was
Hoping to be
Never is
And yet it is
Always was
And always will be
For ever in my frosty eye

- Peter Friebel