Friday, September 4, 2015

The Deep Blue

"As a tracker you need to be as a question".

This is one of the most profound insights in the state of mind of the aboriginal tracker I know. Every time we say we know something to be true, we also say something about what is consequently false. We create a duality and using that we categorize.

Say, you find sign that makes you decide something is blue. Will you, days later, still be open for sign that hints it was green all along?

No, and that is why knowing and deciding effectively diminishes our perception. We create beliefs based on what we know, decide, love and fear. These beliefs become prejudices and effect our perceptions and decisions in the future. Even worse is that we apply a cultural framework in this process of "knowing" and "deciding". And so we flow from simple prejudice into judgment. In fear of being judged do you dare to still perceive objectively?

As a tracker you want to preserve oneness. You will want to find questions that lead you to more questions because in those questions you will find wisdom. Knowledge without wisdom, packaged in a cultural framework, is an extremely dangerous and toxic thing. Current cultural and geopolitical trends are clear evidence of that.

So if you find that sign, ask yourself things like:

"Could this be blue?"
"What if it was green?"
"Is blue the same for all or can some perceive green while I see blue?"
"What does it tell me that the thing may have a specific color?"
"What can I learn from it regardless of its color?"

Doing this you avoid the duality and you learn a lot more than just that the thing was blue.

In the Deep Blue you may discover the Zen of Tracking and the intrinsic self:

Not Two!